Unfortunately, the show that was set for San Antonio on Nov 29 has to be cancelled until further notice.  

Looks like the total distance of the upcoming travelling dates is 2,014 miles.
The original intention of cities has changed a bit.  It looks like there will be a lot more time spent in New Orleans than originally anticipated, and probably no time spent in Georgia (Oh, well).  Here is what to expect as of now:

Nov 29: Faust Tavern, San Antonio TX
Dec 1: Springwater, Nashville TN
Dec 2: Circle Bar, New Orleans LA
Dec 4: The Beatnik, New Orleans LA

Basically, a strange schedule - But should be fun.  More than likely there will be a Houston TX show December 5th or 6th.  
The process has started on putting together travelling dates between November 29 - December 5.  There's still a lot of work to do (putting together merch/ Booking local support/ etc) but in any case, here are the current cities: 

San Antonio
New Orleans 

Should be fun!

In case you aren't part of the HIDDEN PAGE on this site, and you aren't subscribed to the Jared Harville YouTUBE page, here is the promo for the upcoming album "Passing Feelings (II)".  Check it out!


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After 4 months, a new write up on the Hidden Page of this website (including a new video featuring an update on the new album coming up) has been posted and sent to those select few that are subscribed to receive it.  

You can receive the 1st and 2nd installments right HERE, right now.

Just a quick update.  The show previously scheduled for September 10th in Houston is actually going to take place SATURDAY September 13th.

See the change: Here
Check it out: Here 

Also, sorry for those select and important few that are part of the Hidden Page mailing list.  There was supposed to be a massive update (including a new unreleased song) on that secret page about a month ago, but there have been many life changes happening recently that have prevented much creative output.  There will be an invitation sent out soon though with the new song, etc - Promise.

If you aren't currently signed up for the Hidden Page on JaredHarville.com, make sure to get on that ASAP HERE.

"Passing Feelings" was featured in theequalground.com's Weekly Roundup where they shed light on some of their favorite new artists/albums each week.  It's nice to have some love out there!

Here is the link to this past week's roundup: http://www.theequalground.com/indie-music-album-reviews/weekly-roundup72

Definitely check it out, check their site out and comment on the link to let them know they made a good choice with Passing Feelings!